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Canada Post flat rate box is used to send an item from one location to another. The items which are not sent by mail and have big size, are sent through Canada Post prepaid boxes. These boxes have some limitations. If you want to send your item through Canada Post flat rate box, then you have to fulfill the requirements. What are the requirements? We’ll talk about it later in this article. Keep reading till the end.

Canada Post Flat Rate Box:

Canada Post flat rates boxes are available at all of Canada Post Locations. If you don’t know the location of your nearest post office, then you can find it here. You just need to follow some steps to know the nearest Canada Post locations. These flat rate boxes come in three sizes, but not all the sizes are available on all of the Canada Post Locations. The biggest size of the prepaid box is not available on all the Canada Post offices. There is only 60 Canada Post Location that has all the sizes of prepaid shipping boxes. After knowing the Canada Post location, you have to buy these prepaid shipping boxes and send your parcel conveniently anywhere in Canada.

Three standard sizes of flat rate boxes:

  1. Small Box (35 x 26 x 5cm)
  2. Medium (38 x 26 x 12cm)
  3. Large (40 x 28 x 17cm)
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There are some limitations to the flat rate box of Canada Post. The item which you want to send your relatives or friends should have not to weight more than 5 kg. If your item doesn’t fulfill the requirements, then it can be refused by Canada Post, returned to the sender or additional charges may be applied to it. Before sending your package, please make sure it lies under 5 kg weight or equal to it, if it fits, it ships.

 Canada Post Flat Rate Shipping and Delivery Standards:

You have to purchase a box from any Canada Post store, pack your item, address your box, and send it. You don’t need to change the dimensions or shape of your item. You can ship your box from any post office or you can drop off the small flat rate boxes in your nearest letterbox. When will the boxes reach the destination? The item will take 1 day to reach the local destination, 1 day to 3 days to reach the regional destination, and 2 days to 7 days to reach the national destination. For your easy understanding, we have shown below the Canada Post flat rate shipping and delivery standards. Have a look:

Delivery AreaDelivery Standard*
Major Urban Centres
Local1 day
Regional1 day up to 3 days
National2 days up to 7 days
Non-Major Urban Centres
Local1 day
Regionalup to 4 days
Nationalup to 11 days
Northern Regions and Remote Centres
Local6 days
Regional6 days up to 13 days
National6 days up to 13 days

What is included in a flat rate box?

The flat rate box includes postage and high-quality shipping box. These boxes are not to be harmed by any pressure easily. These are manufactured by 60% of recycled content and 25% of post-consumer waste. These boxes are printed using water-based inks that are not harmful to our nature and are 100% recyclable. These boxes come with a tracking facility with an on-time delivery guarantee. In case of any damage or loss, you can apply for liable coverage up to 100$. You can not add some additional features like additional liable coverage, and signature.

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Some prohibited contents like any type of explosive, highly flammable, radioactive, can never be sent through these boxes. Basically, you can not send any illegal items through these flat rate boxes. 

Canada Post Box Shipping Rates | Flat Rate Box Price:

Canada Post shipping boxes flat rates are the price of every flat rate box provided by Canada Post. You can easily send your items through these prepaid shipping boxes in the whole Canada country. The Price of a small size flat rate box is $17.99. You can ship this small flat rate box from the post office or drop it off at the nearest letter mailbox. The price of a medium size flat rate box is $22.99, but there is no other option to ship medium size flat rate box than to ship from the post office. The price of a large size flat rate box is $29.99. Like the medium size flat rate box, it can only be ship from the post office. There is the only thing that is common among the three boxes i.e. the maximum allowable weight of an item. The max. allowable weight is 5 kg for all types of boxes.

(l x w x h in inches)
(l x w x h in centimetres)
PriceMax. Allowable WeightDeposit Sites
Small10 3/8 x 14 x 2 1/835 x 26 x 5$17.995 kgStreet letter box or
Post office
10 3/8 x 15 3/8 x 4 7/838 x 26 x 12$22.995 kgPost office
Large12 x 16 x 7 1/240 x 28 x 17$29.995 kgPost office

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  1. My flat rate box took 19 days to arrive can I get a refund because it said up to 13 days for northern regions?

    1. You should visit your nearest Canada Post office to discuss a refund. If your box has been arrived, then there will be no refund initiated.

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