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A postage stamp is a small piece of paper mostly used in a rectangular shape, issued by post office authority or authorized organizations so that you can use it on your mail envelope or package/parcels. This small piece of paper includes all costs (the cost involved in moving, insuring, or registering mail). Every postal organization has its own unique postal stamps so that the mail or package could not be lost and easily recognized. Here, we are going to discuss the Canada Post Stamp and its prices.

Canada Post Stamp:

canada post stamps

Canada Post has different kinds of postage stamps for Canada, the U.S.A, and International. These three types of stamps come with different costs. We will discuss it later in our upcoming paragraph. If you have a business or you use the Canada Post stamp frequently, you can save lots of your hard-earned money on postage. You just have to rent a postage meter from a Canadian distributor or print indicia directly onto your envelopes and cards or buy booklets or rolls of stamps at your local post office.

There are some measurements of frequent mailed items. You must have to check the dimensions and weights of frequently mailed items before using them. Here, we have added a list showing the dimensions and weights of frequently mailed items.

ItemCentimeters (cm)Kilograms (kg)Inches (in)Pounds (lb)
Most commonly used regular envelope

24.1 cm 10.5 cm 0.1 cm30 g9.5 in. 4.1 in. 0.04 in.

0.066 lb.
Most commonly used large envelope

33 cm 25.4 cm 0.1 cm

30 g13 in. 10 in. 0.04 in.0.066 lb.
Paperback book20 cm 13 cm 1.5 cm270 g8 in. 5 in. 0.5 in.0.6 lb.
Hardcover book24 cm 15 cm 5 cm1.2 kg9.5 in. 6 in. 2 in.2.64 lb.
Compact disc (CD)14 cm 14 cm 1.5 cm
50 g5.5 in. 5.5 in. 0.5 in.0.11 lb.
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How to get your discounted postage?

Postal indicia:

Now, you can save on postage stamps and promote your business at the same time.

  1. You just have to download an indicia template (regular or customized).
  2. Now, print this indicia directly onto your mail items or labels.
  3. It’s time to prepare your mail order (Statement of Mailing) using EST Online.
  4. Only Canada Post Solutions for Small BusinessTM members pay by credit card. Businesses with a Canada Post contract can pay using their account.
  5. Now, you have to bring the mailing and a copy of your order to a deposit location. Those items which are printed with indicia postage can’t be sent using street letterboxes.

There is a feature of highlighting your company’s brand in the postage area or your envelope or card. Here is how you can create customized indicia with our free template tool.

Canada Post Stamp Prices/Cost/Rates:

You might be thinking how much are Canadian postage stamps? Are the Canada Post postage stamps are costly? Canada Post Stamp rates are not costly enough. One stamp of standard size for a letter or postcard may cost you $1.07 or for a booklet or roll of stamps, it may cost you $0.92. For easy understanding we have added a list down below:

Stamp quantity Cost
1 stamp
(Standard-size1 letter or postcard)
Booklet or roll of stamps $0.92/stamp

You can also buy Canada Post Stamps from Amazon. We are suggesting some stamps right here:

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