What is Canada Post Undeliverable Mail?

Canada Post considers mail to be undelivered when it doesn’t fulfill the conditions of Canada Post. If you want to know what is the reason or cause to consider a mail undelivered mail┬áthen, you are at the right place. You don’t need to go anywhere. Here, you will find a satisfactory answer to your question. Before going ahead, we need to know what is Canada Post undeliverable mail? Let’s find out:

What is Canada Post Undeliverable Mail?

It is mail that doesn’t fulfill the requirements for any cause and can not be delivered to the addressee. What are the factors which prevent mail to deliver to the addressee? We are going to mention some factors affecting the delivery of mail.

  • If there is no complete address or valid address written on it then, it may not be delivered to the addressee.
  • If you have written the address which doesn’t exist then, there will be no delivery to the addressee and your mail will be considered as undelivered mail.
  • The address you have written on it is moved to another location without providing a mail forwarding request or the forwarding request has expired.
  • The mail will not be delivered if it is refused by the addressee.
  • It will not be delivered when the addressee refused to pay the postage charge.
  • If it is prohibited by the law, the item found loose in the mail, and there is nothing inside the wrapper.
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What does Canada Post do with Undelivered Mail?

After not delivering a package, Canada Post returns back these packages to its warehouses, where every item is opened and checked by the Canada Post workers. Here, we have mentioned some conditions on which Canada Post takes action:

  • If an item has no obvious value then, it will be destroyed.
  • If packages consist of some valuable items with forwarding addresses then, it will be returned to the sender or delivered to the addressee. If an address can not be found then, it will be sold by the Canada Post and after selling the item the selling money will be credited to the Canada Post.
  • If a package consists of money and a forwarding address can be found then, cash will be converted to a postal money order and sent to the addressee. In case of not finding an address, all money will be credited to the Canada Post.

What Happen If a Letter and Parcel Addressed Incorrectly?

If a letter and parcel have an address written over it, Canada Post tries its best to deliver it to the mentioned address. Changes and corrections can not be made to the address once it has been sent for delivery. An item is returned to the sender when:

  • The address location doesn’t exist.
  • The address on the packages is incomplete.
  • The item is refused by the addressee.
  • The postage charges are not paid by the addressee on demand.
  • The addressee has moved to another location or there is no forwarding address.

The sender might be liable for return charges relying upon the kind of mail. These charges can differ from no charge, a fixed or arranged sum or a sum equivalent to the first postage.

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