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Community mailboxes are commonly used for receiving mails and sending too. It is a personal small compartment where your mails are kept. These mailboxes can be accessed by you and the postal department. No other third party can use it. Basically, it’s a lock-based system with a unique compartment number so that no one confused while accessing his/her Canada Post mailbox.

Canada Post Mailbox:

You can easily rent a Canada Post mailbox by contacting Canada Post officials. Sometimes, it takes time to get your nearest mailbox. Canada Post mailboxes are easy to use for everyone. Look at some FAQs for you down here:

How to access your community mailbox?

canada post mailbox

You’ll need the following to use your community mailbox:

  • You must know your community mailbox location.
  • You must have your keys to the compartment.
  • You must know your community mailbox module number.
  • You must have a number of your compartment within the community mailbox.

How to find your compartment?

Look for 2 different numbers to identify your compartment within your community mailbox.

  1. Locate the module number in the top left-hand corner of the community mailbox.
  2. Find your personal compartment number located on the locked boxes within the module.

Receiving parcels at a community mailbox

Canada Post Mailbox Key:

As we said above Canada Post mailboxes are only accessible if you have the keys to the compartment. Every mailbox user has a pair of keys to his compartment. If you have lost your Canada Post mailbox key, you can apply for the new one.
If you have keys and your mailbox have some issue, you can contact Canada Post officials. You don’t need to repair/fix it yourself. The mailboxes may be freeze in winters. We request you not to use any heating device or lock de-icer or any product. It may damage your community mailbox. Please!!! contact Canada Post officials in that case.

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