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There are many different kinds of sources and ways, people are using to send their packages and letters to their family and friends. There are various applications and sites available by which you can send your package, letter and important things from one place to another. As you know, there is only a way to send your packages and important things to your relatives and friend. It is fully worth it to send your packages by using postal service or courier services because this is the only way on which you can trust to send your important things and packages. According to the report, many people are using postal services or courier services to send their items.

If you want to send your important things, documents, and package, you can use postal services available nearby to you. There are different kinds of postal services available, but you may be confused to choose what is good for you. If you want to send your package at best rates and with fast delivery timing, you must go for Canada Post postal service.

If you want to send a package on Friday or Saturday then some questions come to your mind, you search on the web these questions like is there mail delivery on Sunday?, Canada Post Sunday delivery, Canada Post open Sunday, etc. Here, you will get your answer to all of the questions, keep reading this article.

Is The Post Office Open On Sunday?

Most of the people are confused about Canada Post open on Sunday or not? So, the answer is No. Canada Post doesn’t open on Sunday. Therefore, you can not inquire about your mail or package on Sunday. Canada Post has given the authority to a lot of post office. All these post offices are operated by the private sector, will be open according to their office hours. The privatCanada Post Sunday deliverye sector post office has its office timing so that if you want to inquire about something, you can ask from your nearest post office. The private sector post office timing may differ from any other private sector post office. So, you have to visit your nearest post office to inquire about something. How do you find your nearest post office? Post office locator will help you to find your nearby post office. You just need to follow some easy steps to know your nearby post office location and its office hours. However, Canada Post is closed on national, provincial and territorial holidays, with no delivery of mail and packages on these days. You can see the official holiday list below:

New Year's Day (National)Jan. 1
Good Friday (National)April 10
Easter Monday (National)April 13
Victoria Day (National)May 18
Patriots' National Day (Québec only)May 18
Québec's National Holiday (Québec only)June 24
Canada Day (National)July 1
Civic Holiday (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland & Labrador)Aug. 3
Natal Day (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia)Aug. 3
New Brunswick Day (New Brunswick)Aug. 3
British Columbia Day (British Columbia)Aug. 3
Heritage Day (Alberta)Aug. 3
Discovery Day (Yukon)Aug. 17
Labour Day (National)Sept. 7
Thanksgiving Day (National)Oct. 12
Remembrance Day (National)Nov. 11
Christmas Day (National)Dec. 25
Boxing Day (National)Dec. 26
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Does Canada Post Deliver on Sundays?

No, Canada Post doesn’t deliver on Sundays. All the packages are delivered on working days Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. until as late as 8:00 p.m.

Is There Mail Delivery On Sunday? | Canada Post Sunday Hours

Is there mail delivery on Sunday? is one of the most asked questions on the internet. People want to know, is Canada Post do Sunday Delivery or not? So, the answer is No, Canada Post does not deliver any package or mail on Sunday.  So there will be no Canada Post Sunday hours. While searching on the web many people found that someone’s parcel got delivered on Sunday. Yes, it’s true but Canada Post doesn’t deliver on Sunday. Those packages are delivered by the private sector authorized post office of Canada Post. So, there is no Canada Post Sunday Hours. These private-sector post offices have their own Sunday timing. It may vary in different places. If you want to find your nearest post office and want to know your post office hours according to your location. Here is, how Canada Post office locator will help you to find your nearest post office.

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