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A postal money order is a certified, cashable document that can be delivered to your specified destination by any of the postal services. It is the safest way to send money to your loved ones because the document you are sending to your beloved ones is guaranteed by the postal service you are using to send your money order. Here, we are going to talk about the Canada Post money order service.

Does Canada Post do money orders?

Yes, Canada Post does money orders. It is the best service in the whole of Canada. 

Canada Post Money Order Service:

Canada Post Money Order

If you are a new or old customer of the Canada Postal service and want to send money to your relative or friends, then this is the best option for you to send money quickly. Money orders are the certified cashable documents that you send through the mail. You don’t need to have any bank account to use its service. These money orders can be used to make payments or purchases in Canada.

You don’t need to share your financial details in order to use its service. You must provide the sender (person or business) and payee (person or business) information to purchase a Canada Post money order. This is required by the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.

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For money orders of $3,000 and more, you will need to provide your information if you are the person making the transaction on behalf of a business or another person. These requirements are mandatory for your money order protection. How it will protect your money order? Only the payee that you designated and whose name is imprinted on the money order will be able to cash it. Without providing this mandatory information of the “sender” or “pay to” names, the transaction can not be completed.

Canada Post Money Order Fee/Cost:

You pay the amount of money and a fee for the service. You can send the maximum amount of $999.99CAD. The Canada Post charges an amount of $7.50. There is no fee to cash a money order at any post office in Canada. You can pay through debit card or directly by cash. Credit Cards are not allowed to make any payment.

How to cash a Postal Money Order?

It is very easy to cash a postal money order. You can cash it at any Canada Post office. You can either cash it out or deposit the money order in your bank. There may be a chance of not getting cash because of a lack of funds in the Canada Post office. In that case, you can visit another Canada Post office to cash your money order or you can wait and come after some time.

If you want to cash a money order at a financial institution, remember one thing that some institutions may charge a fee for foreign postal money orders. You will need to show a government ID proof to cash a postal money order at the Canada Post office.

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How to get a Canada Post-Money Order Refund?

You can refund a money order that has not been cashed till now. You just have to make a call to Canada Post at 1-800-563-0444  and be ready to provide the serial number of your money order that is printed on your sales receipt. The purchase fee of $7 is non-refundable.

How to know if a Canada Post Money Order is real or counterfeit?

You can spot a fake or real Canada Post money order by checking the following security features:

Feature Description
Watermark One or two beaver-shaped watermarks are visible when held up to the light.
Micro printing Horizontal lines on the front bottom read:
1-800 phone number 1-800-563-0444 is the only phone number used to verify validity. Fraudsters might use an alternate phone number and provide false validation codes.
Fluorescent fibres Writing on the back is visible under ultraviolet light.
Maximum amount $999.99 in Canadian dollars.
Altered dollar value For example, a money order with a value of $8.00 has been altered to $800.00.
Look for smudges of the ink.
Look for visible differences on the font.
Look for other numbers showing through the amount displayed.
When you scan the barcode on the money order, verify it matches the serial number printed on the top right-hand side of the money order. (Counterfeit money orders will not match.)

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