Canada Post Mailbox Keys Lost | How to get new keys?

Community mailboxes are commonly used for receiving mails and sending too. It is a small compartment with full of privacy. No one can access your community mailbox except for the postal department. It is a lock-based system with a unique compartment number so that nobody gets confused to access his/her community mailbox.

You can simply access your mailbox by putting keys in the compartment lock. What if you lost it? You don’t need to worry much. If you have already lost keys to mailbox, then we are here to help you to get another pair of keys. Keep reading this article till the end.

Mailbox keys are not working?

Every customer of Canada Post gets a pair of keys. If your one key is not working properly due to some damage or bend, you can try another one. After doing that, if the problem remains the same, then you may apply for the new one. You have to fill an online form to get new keys.

You may face another issue in the winter season. You may not be able to access your mailbox due to freezing. We request you not to use any heating device or lock de-icer or any product. It may damage your community mailbox. Instead of doing all this stuff, you may register a complaint right here by filling an online form and Canada Post will help you to resolve it as soon as possible.

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How to get new Canada Post lost keys to mailbox?

There are two conditions right here to get Canada Post lost keys to mailbox. Let’s start with the first one if you have just shifted to your new address or residence, where you will get all your mails in your community mailbox. You can apply for requesting new keys to access your nearest community mailbox.

Once your keys are ready, you will be notified by receiving a notice card. You have to just visit the post office along with this notice card, government-issued photo identification. You will be charged $29 + taxes for a Canada Post mailbox keys.

Mailbox Keys Lost

The second one is that if you have lost Canada Post mailbox keys then you can get another one by completing the online form right here. A normal Canada Post fee will be charged to you which is almost $29 + some taxes.

Post Office Box Key Replacement Cost:

If you lost/stole your community mailbox keys, then you would apply for a new one. It would not cost you much. Canada Post provides a pair of mailbox keys for $29 + taxes. If you find another problem like mailbox keys are not working properly, you can replace them at zero cost. In that case, your lock will also be changed by Canada Post.

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