Canada Post Flex Delivery | How to Use Flex Delivery?

Canada post provides various services to its customers according to their needs. It offers mail forwarding service, hold mail service, etc. It always improves or adds on some services like Canada Post flex delivery service from time to time. From here, you may think about what is flex delivery?  and how to use flex delivery? but, you don’t need to worry too much. We are going to explain each and everything related to Canada Post flex delivery service in our upcoming paragraphs. Keep reading this article to know more:

What is Flex Delivery?

Flex delivery is a service provided by Canada Post, which allows customers to choose exactly which post office is going to receive the delivery of the online purchase. You can choose from 6000+ Canada Post Office Locations. It is a secure, convenient, and easy to use Canada Post flex delivery service.

How to Use Flex Delivery?

It is very easy to use Flex Post Canada for customers to sign up in just a few minutes. They can choose their preferred post office according to their location and receive a unique identification number and a flex delivery address to use for each location they have chosen. At the time of online shopping, they have to enter one of the flex delivery addresses rather than a home address. When an item has arrived at the selected flex delivery address, they will get an email from the post office telling them the item is ready for pickup.

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How to use Canada Post Flex Delivery Service Online:

  • Sign up online for free
    Use the name and address on your government-issued photo ID to verify your identity. It is important to verify your identity for security reasons.
  • Choose a pickup post office nearby you
    If you are not at home, this is the post office location where you want your item to arrive.
  • Use your FlexDelivery address instead of your usual home address 
    When you shop online, use your FlexDelivery address as the shipping address at checkout. You can track your item online.
  • Receive an email for pickup
    When your parcel arrives, Canada post let you know by email or through its app.
  • Pick up your item
    You need to show your government-issued photo ID at the post office to pick up your item.

Every time you confused to shop online by thinking that you want to have your shipped item to your home address or to the post office you have selected. Are you not sure about filling out the shipping address when you shop online? Follow the instruction as shown below:Flex Delivery Address

Entering the correct address when you shop online ensures that your item will arrive at the right place. It is important to check that the online store from which you are shopping, can ship to a PO Box address. Please check the shipping policy every time before you buy it.

Canada Post Flex Delivery Cost:

Canada Post doesn’t charge any penny from customers to use the flex delivery service. It is important for customers to know flex delivery costs.  There is good news for Canada Post customers that is Canada Post doesn’t charge any single penny from customers for using flex delivery service.

Is Flex Delivery Free?

Yes, flex delivery is a free service provided by Canada post. Canada Post doesn’t take any fee from customers. 

8 Comments on “Canada Post Flex Delivery | How to Use Flex Delivery?”

    1. No, the Flex Delivery address should not be a post office box. Flex Delivery service is applicable only to the post offices. There is 6000+ Canada Post office. You can choose according to you.

    2. No, You can’t use flex delivery for the post office box. This service is only applicable to Canada post offices. There are almost 6000+ Canada Post offices you can choose from.

    1. If the Canada Post office is available in the United States, then the mail can be arriving at the flex delivery address to the United States.

    2. A mail can be arrived at flex delivery address to a united states address only if the Canada Post office is available there. This service is only applicable to the Canada Post Offices.

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