What Time Does Royal Mail Deliver?

Royal Mail aims to deliver your shipments every day, Monday to Saturday. All your mail and packages will be delivered as usual on these days but the main question that arises is what is the delivery time of Royal Mail? In this article, we’ve talked about Royal Mail delivery hours and time.

What Time Does Royal Mail Deliver Parcels?

Royal Mail delivers parcels to almost every corner of the United Kingdom. The delivery time of Royal Mail is 3 pm in urban areas and by 4 pm in rural areas. Scheduled deliveries are completed from Monday to Friday except for Bank holidays and Public holidays.

As mentioned above that deliveries are completed by 4 pm in rural areas but there is an exception for some areas (remote areas that have limited transport infrastructure such as highlands and islands). Royal Mail does not guarantee the delivery time in those areas. Apart from that, you may also receive your shipments later in the day after the promised time due to unusual circumstances such as issues in operating, disruptions in transport, changes to mail volume, etc.

Most of the people also ask questions related to weekend deliveries like “what is Royal Mail delivery Saturday times and Sunday times”? So, Royal Mail does not deliver on Sundays but it does deliver on Saturdays. The delivery times for Saturday remain the same and there will no delivery or collection on Sunday. Only the Royal Mail Sameday service deliver on Sundays. Royal Mail Sameday delivers 365 days a year and that includes holidays too. This is a special service provided by Royal Mail that helps the customers with their urgent shipments.

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As there are many different ways or delivery services that Royal Mail offers to its customers. Every different delivery option aims to deliver your parcels according to your needs and that is the reason that you have to choose one for yourself wisely. So, below are the names of different delivery services of Royal Mail with their delivery aim.

Delivery ServiceDelivery Aim Cost FromMaximum Weight
Royal Mail Special Delivery9 am£20.242 kg
Royal Mail Special Delivery1 pm£6.7020 kg
Royal Mail Tracked 2424 hours£4.0220 kg
Royal Mail Tracked 4848 hours£3.6020 kg
Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class1 day£2.0620 kg
Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class3 days£1.9520 kg
Royal Mail 1st Class1 day£0.7620 kg
Royal Mail 2nd Class3 days£0.6520 kg
Royal Mail SamedaySame DayUnlimited

There is no straightforward answer to some of your questions because there are several aspects of the same. If we talk about the delivery times of Royal Mail then the promised time for the delivery depends on which mail class the customers are using and asking about. The regular delivery time of mail and packages is 3 p.m. in urban areas and 4 p.m. in rural areas. But the delivery purpose of customers are different and they choose the best delivery service for them that can fulfill their requirements. There are multiple services provided by Royal Mail with different weight capacity, cost, and delivery time. The table above is the answer to your questions because all the services are listed in it.

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This is all about the delivery times of Royal Mail and we hope that you found what you were looking for. If you have any doubts, suggestions, or further queries then don’t forget to comment below.

Conclusion: The final words of this article are: Royal Mail completes the scheduled deliveries by 3 p.m. in urban areas and 4 p.m. in rural areas. The delivery times of different mail class are also mentioned in the table above.

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