Does Canada Post Deliver on Canada Day?

Canada Day is a national day. It is celebrated on 1st July every year. It was known as Dominion Day after the constitution act of 1867, but in 1982 it was renamed as Canada Day. So, the Canadian Government announced that all the public services will be closed on this day. This shows that Canada Post may be closed today. People of Canada are waiting for their mails or packages. So, a question is striking their mind, again and again: Is the post office open on Canada Day? We are going to clear this doubt, keep reading this article till the end.

Does Canada Post Deliver on Canada Day?Canada Post Deliver on Canada Day

No, Canada Post doesn’t deliver on Canada Day. All the mail and parcel service of Canada Post are on hold today. These services will be open on the next working day after Canada Day. This is the reason you can’t ship any item or get any mail delivery today. Among all its standard services, there is a special service that runs even on holidays, is known as Priority Mail Service.

This Special service of Canada Post is very reliable in case of emergency and to do fast delivery. This may cost you a little much, but you can still use this service on any holiday or any weekend. This is the specialty of Priority Mail Service. If you want to know about Priority Mail Service, price, delivery timings. You may click here to get the information.

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Is Canada Post Open on Canada Day?

No, Canada Post is not open on Canada Day. Canada Day is a statutory holiday celebrated in whole Canada Country.  It is the day on which all the government offices remain closed. So, it becomes difficult for people to use any public service on this day. If all the government offices remain closed this day, then why so Canada Post will be open today? This is the reason all the post offices of Canada Post remain closed today.

There are more holidays of Canada Post on which all standard delivery services remain on hold. We are suggesting you to always check the holiday list of Canada Post before using any of its services. This may save your time and will help you to coordinate with your schedule so that your delivery may not interrupt due to holidays. Here, we have listed all the holidays of Canada Post. You can see down below:

New Year's Day (National)Jan. 1
Good Friday (National)April 2
Easter Monday (National)April 5
Victoria Day (National)May 24
Patriots' National Day (Québec only)May 24
Québec's National Holiday (Québec only)June 24
Canada Day (National)July 1
Civic Holiday (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland & Labrador)Aug. 2
Natal Day (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia)Aug. 2
New Brunswick Day (New Brunswick)Aug. 2
British Columbia Day (British Columbia)Aug. 2
Heritage Day (Alberta)Aug. 2
Discovery Day (Yukon)Aug. 16
Labour Day (National)Sept. 6
Thanksgiving Day (National)Oct. 11
Remembrance Day (National)Nov. 11
Christmas Day (National)Dec. 25
Boxing Day (National)Dec. 26
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Conclusion: The conclusion is that all the government offices remain closed on Canada Day. So, all the post office of Canada Post will not be open today. This is the reason Canada Post will not deliver any mail or package on this day.

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