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Canada Post is the leading well-known government organization of Canada country. It delivers mail and packages to your doorstep. Sometimes, it doesn’t deliver your items on time due to some bad weather conditions? In that case, what will you do to send your time-sensitive items?

You don’t have to worry about that, Canada Post has a special and fast service for your time-sensitive items. The name of that service is Priority Mail service. Let’s find out, what is it and how much time it will take to deliver a parcel to the destination?

What is Canada Post Priority Mail Service?Canada Post priority mail international

Canada Post Priority Mail service is the fastest delivery service for time-sensitive documents and parcels. It guarantees that your parcel will be delivered on the next business day between major urban centers. It doesn’t charge any fee for signature collection and on-demand pick up. You can send your items through Priority Mail prepaid envelopes and flat rate boxes, but you have to buy flat rate boxes from the Canada Post office. It is not available online.

Size and Weight of the Prepaid Products:
Prepaid Products
Length = 318 mm
Width= 241 mm
Thickness = 15 mm
Weight = 500 g
Length = 394 mm
Width = 314 mm
Thickness = 30 mm
Weight = 1 kg

There are some conditions that your item may not be acceptable. What are these conditions? Here, we are going to explain when an item is considered unacceptable. If your parcel contains soil, live animals, and any type of matter solid, liquid, and gas that emits a bad odor and does not match with shipping requirement, are unacceptable. Your item must meet the following size and weight specifications as shown in the table below:

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Priority Mail
Documents and Parcels
Length = 100 mm; Width = 70 mm; Height = 1 mm; Weight = None
Length: 2 m; Length + Girth: 3 m; Weight = 30 kg
Mailing Tube
100 mm x 23 mm x 23 mm
(A surcharge will be applied to mailing tubes that are cylindrical in shape)

Priority Mail International:

If you want to send your parcel to international destinations, PriorityTM Worldwide will help you to reach your time-sensitive items on time. It gives on-time money-back guarantees to most U.S. states and more than 192 countries worldwide. In case of any damage and loss of a package, you can apply for liability coverage up to 100$. You have to purchase an additional liability for your valuable parcels.

Now, you can send your parcel with hassle-free custom clearance. You don’t have to pay the customs duty and taxes before sending a parcel. All the taxes will be collected from the person who gets this parcel when it is reached to the destination. When will your item be reached to the destination? Let’s find out priority shipping Canada Post time.

Canada Post Priority Shipping Time:

Canada Post Priority Mail delivery time is really matters when we talk about fast shipping service. We have mentioned a table of Canada Post priority mail delivery time for Canada and worldwide. Let’s find out how much time it will take to reach the destination within Canada, the USA, and other international destinations.

Canada Post Priority Shipping Time  For Canada:

Delivery Area
Major Urban Centres
next day
next day
next day
Non-Major Urban Centres
next day
next day and up to 2 days
next day and up to 3 days
Northern Regions and Remote Centres
5 days
5 days and up to 7 days
5 days and up to 8 days

Canada Post Priority Shipping Time  for U.S and Worldwide: 

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 Most U.S. statesMore than 192 countries
Projected arrival date (business days)10:30 a.m. next day2–3 days

Canada Post Priority Mail Cost/ Price/ Rates:

We’ll give you a shipping estimate based on your parcel size, weight, with a delivery destination. Value-added features are included at no extra cost while options have additional fees. You can find Priority Mail shipping rates here.

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