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Canada Post provides many types of mail services to its customers. Some of these are very useful for customers. It was a great step to launch these services. It offers Neighbourhood Mail Service, Hold Mail Service, Registered Mail Service & Mail Forwarding Service. In this article, we are going to explain what is Personalized Mail and how much it cost? Let’s start:

What is Canada Post Personalized Mail?

Personalized mail is a service for customers to personalize their mailing and customize their promotional messages to a specific consumer. It is an effective medium of direct marketing and advertising.

What is Acceptable as Personalized Mail?

Personalized mailing is acceptable when all the items have the same goal and purpose even if the content is not the same. The main motive of the mail item is to influence someone to take action by:

  • promoting a product, service, program or event
  • soliciting donations or contributions
  • reporting on financial performance, primarily for promotional purposes, or supporting your loyalty card program

Canada Post Personalized Mail

Mini-catalogs are acceptable as personalized mail. A mini-catalogs is defined as printed matter with item list and item description and also mentioned the item number and item prices. The mini-catalogs consist maximum of 8 pages and meet Machineable Standard Personalized Mail service demands.

To qualify as Personalized Mail service, mailings must:

  • be paid and deposited in Canada for delivery in Canada.
  • meet the Personalized Mail definition
  • consist of 1,000 items for Special Handling mail and a minimum of 100 items for Machineable Mail.
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What is Unacceptable as Personalized Mail?

Canada Post doesn’t allow some items as Personalized Mail. Here, we are going to mention some items which unacceptable as personalized mail. Your Personalized Mail must have not met the conditions given below:

  • Education material like updates to professional handbooks, opinion surveys, and census, are unacceptable as Personalized Mail.
  • Invoices, receipts, tax forms, proxies, the fulfillment of products or services, paid subscriptions, replacement or renewal of cards are the transactional communications that Canada Post doesn’t allow to deliver through Personalized Mail.
  • Recycling or waste calendars, recall notices, annual reminders, notifications of changes, renewal notices and election (voting) notices are the informational communications that Canada Post doesn’t accept as Personalized Mail.

Canada Post Personalized Mail Delivery Standards:

Delivery Standards for Personalized Mail are the estimated time taken by the Canada Post to deliver mail at your doorstep. It depends on the location from which it has been sent to the destination. We have mentioned a list below in which you can see the delivery standards for local, provincial and national. These delivery standards are not the fixed days on which your Personalized Mail could be delivered. Canada Post does not say that your Personalized Mail will surely be delivered within these days. Due to some bad weather conditions, your mail could be delivered after delivery dates.

Machineable Mail - Standard345
Machineable Mail - Oversize /
Special Handling

Canada Post Personalized Mail Rates/Prices:

The pricing module provides detailed information related to Canada Post Personalized Mail Rates for different-different services like  Standard, Oversize, Machineable and Special Handling, and Machineable Mini-catalogue. Your Personalized Mail must have met all the applicable requirements, to access the Personalized Mail prices including specifications, Address Accuracy, and mail preparation.

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Up to 50 g
Up to 500 g
$0.495$0.74 + $0.0034 per g over 50 g
Special HandlingStandardOversizeDimensional

Up to 50 gOver 50 g
up to 100 g
Up to 500 gOver 500 g
up to 1.36 kg
Up to 500 g Over 500 g
up to 1.36 kg
$0.56$0.60$0.69 + $0.0034 per g
over 50 g
$2.69 + $0.0040 per g
over 500 g
$1.52 + $0.0018 per g
over 50 g
$2.96 + $0.0040 per g
over 500 g
Price per Item
Up to 50 g

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