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Canada Post provides many services like Priority Mail, Expedited Parcel, Neighbourhood Mail, Personalized Mail, Hold Mail, etc. If you are using any of the mailing services, then you have to purchase some stamps. These stamps are made of paper and have some specified values on it. Canada Post also provides Permanent Stamps. What are these stamps? Let’s find out:

What are Canada Post Permanent Stamps?

Canada Post permanent Stamps

Permanent stamps are identified with the letter “P” written on it. There is no value specified on these types of stamps. These stamps are accepted at the current postage price of the country. Once you but it, you can use it later on anywhere and anytime in the future. One Permanent Stamp is used to mail a letter weighing up to 30grams anywhere in Canada country. Canada Post Permanent stamps can be used in conjunction with additional postage in terms of sending larger mails, parcels, or sending mail internationally.

You can either buy stamps online or you can visit your nearest Canada Post office to buy stamps or you can create your own custom stamps. Here, we are going to talk about how you can make your custom stamps:

How to Create Custom Canada Post Permanent Stamps?

There is no rocket science to create a custom Canada Post Permanent Stamps. You just need a photo or you can use your design to create a unique Permanent Stamp with Canada Post’s picture postage. These stamps can be used to send letters, cards, and other mail in Canada or internationally.

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You can create stamps for a special event like a wedding anniversary, favorite pet, personal brand, etc. You can also make matching cards and invitations to share your happy moment. There are a lot of options available in making custom Canada Post Permanent Stamps.

You can make your stamps in a horizontal and vertical style. There you can choose how many stamps you want to make accordingly. There you will see the option of choosing the postage value according to the domestic, international, or for oversized cards/letters. You can choose your own colors with the help of a color palette. There are other more options available to customize your stamps. Just create your Permanent Stamps. 

How much are Canada Post Custom Permanent Stamps worth?

Custom Stamps starts with $35 and up. Once you create your permanent Stamps. It will be delivered to you within 10 business days, If you need these stamps urgently and you want to get it early, then you can use XpresspostTM shipping for fast delivery.




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