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Canada Post offers Personalized Mail ServiceHold Mail ServiceRegistered Mail Service & Mail Forwarding Service. As we all know that Canada Post provides the best mail service in the whole Canada country. This is the only reason that it always adds services according to people’s needs. In this article, we are going to explain what is Neighbourhood Mail and how much it cost? Let’s start:

What is Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail Service?

Neighbourhood Mail is a different kind of service provided by Canada Post. It is one of Canada Post direct targeted mail services that consist of printed or non-printed items like product samples that are not addressed to a specific address in whole Canada country. This service of Canada Post provides the delivery of information or advertising material to 15.7 million mailboxes. This mail service targets mailings to neighbourhoods or areas by provides geographic, demographic and lifestyle information that has the highest potential audience without any customer database.

What is Acceptable as Neighbourhood Mail?

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail

Neighbourhood Mail is acceptable when an item must be unaddressed but contains some special words such as, “HOUSEHOLDER”, “OCCUPANT”, “RESIDENT”, “BUSINESS OWNER”, “MARKETING MANAGER”, “PURCHASING MANAGER” or “BOXHOLDER” without a destination address. Multiple formats are acceptable on an item. Some examples of special words are given below:

• brochures                   • community newspapers              • flyers                                              • samples
• cards                              • co-op mailings                                   • inserts and enclosures         • single sheets
• catalogues                  • coupons                                                 • magazines
• CDs and DVDs         • envelopes                                             • newspapers

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Your mail needs to be qualified as Neighbourhood Mail, the mailing must:

  • be mailed in Canada to the delivery destination of Canada.
  • meet the minimum volume requirements set by Canada Post.
  • the complete distribution of one route; or the complete distribution to only houses, apartments, farms, businesses, or any combination, on a given route.
  • meet the requirements which are mentioned in the agreement of Neighbourhood Mail.

What is Unacceptable as Neighbourhood Mail?

Canada Post doesn’t allow some items as Neighbourhood Mail. It may be anything like your mail doesn’t follow the rules as mentioned in the Neighbourhood mail agreement. We are going to mention those factors which affect your Neighbourhood Mail and make it an unacceptable item.

  • Those items are prohibited by the law of Canada or its legal authorities.
  • Those items are not accepted as Neighbourhood Mail that defies an act of Parliament.
  • If the mail contains some sexually material and not sent through an opaque envelope with words like “ADULT MATERIAL” or similar words, are unacceptable as Neighbourhood Mail.
  • If the mail contains products that are caused injury to those mail handlers or mail distributors or items that are caused to damage to postal equipment or other items, are unacceptable as Neighbourhood Mail.

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail Delivery Standards:

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail delivery standards are estimated delivery time for Canada Post. The delivery of a Neighbourhood Mail depends on the location from which it has been sent to the destination. The delivery standard may vary according to the option selected  (i.e., Canada Post transportation and physical characteristics). Canada Post doesn’t guarantee the mail will be delivered on these days. Some bad weather conditions and other inconvenience may affect the delivery of Neighbourhood Mail or any other service of Canada Post.

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2 business days3 - 4 business days3 - 7 business days
Standard and Oversizeup to 0.75 in. (1.91 cm)up to 200 g (7.05 oz.)up to 3 business days
up to 1 in. (2.54 cm)up to 300 g (10.58 oz.)up to 4 business days
up to 500 g (17.64 oz.)up to 9 business days

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail Rates/Prices:

The pricing module provides detailed information about Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail Rates. Your mail must meet all the requirements of Canada Post to send it as Neighbourhood Mail. Qualifying customers may have access to the lower price by signing on the agreement of Neighbourhood Mail. We have listed below the price of Neighbourhood Mail according to the size and weight specifications.

Weight StandardOversize
Up to 50 g16.7¢17.7¢
Over 50 g up to 100 g18.8¢20.2¢
Over 100 g28.5¢ + 0.24¢ per g over 100 g29.7¢ + 0.24¢ per g over 100 g
Specified Delivery Start Date1.0¢No charge

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