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Canada Post provides many services like Priority Mail, Express post, Expedited parcel, Neighbourhood Mail, Personalized Mail, Undeliverable Mail, etc. All these services are available not only for the Canada country but also for the U.S.A and other international destinations. It is convenient and reliable for people to use xpresspost because it is a fast and cost-effective delivery service of Canada Post. We will discuss what is express mail service? in the next paragraph:

What is an express post?

Express post is a parcel express mail service of Canada Post. As said above, Express Post is a fast and cost-effective delivery service of Canada Post. It is also known as Xpresspost Certified. It is called certified when a parcel is sent to the destination and captured the signature of the recipient’s on delivery of the item.

Canada Post express service comes in our mind when it is important to send a parcel quickly and at best shipping prices. Canada Post has its rules and regulations which must be followed otherwise, it will not deliver any parcel consist of any restricted items. It will not deliver any sexual material, any information related to batting, and any other invalid schemes which break the law and make the public cheat.Canada xpresspost

There are some restrictions on accepting a parcel. A parcel is considered unacceptable if it is not prepared correctly and wrapped properly. If the parcel contains soil, live animals, and any type of matter solid, liquid, and gas that emits a bad odor and does not match with shipping requirement, is unacceptable. To check the size and weight of a parcel, you can see the table below:

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Documents and Parcels
Length = 100 mm; Width = 70 mm; Height = 1 mm; Weight = None
Length: 2 m; Length + Girth: 3 m; Weight = 30 kg
Mailing Tube
100 mm x 23 mm x 23 mm
(A surcharge will be applied to mailing tubes that are cylindrical in shape)

Canada Post xpresspost fine a surcharge if your parcel is found oversized. A parcel is considered oversized when a parcel’s dimension exceeding one meter (39.4 in.) or it is measured more than 76 cm (30 inches). If a sender denies paying a surcharge, the parcel will be returned to the sender at any time.

Canada Xpresspost U.S.A:

Xpresspost Canada Provides a fast and affordable way to send a parcel to the United States. It also guarantees that the parcel will be delivered within 2-3 days between major centers in Canada and the United State. It delivers to the post office boxes where available. It offers coverage up to 100$  in case of damaging or losing a parcel(except prepaid envelopes).

Shipping through xpresspost Canada is very simple. You can use xpresspost U.S.A service online or you can visit one of 6500 post offices nearby you. Your xpresspost U.S.A documents and parcels must match with size and weight details as given below:

Canada Xpresspost Size

Length: Longest side of your item
Width: Depth of your item
Height: Thickness of your item
Girth: Distance around your item
Girth = (width + height) x 2
Length Width Height Weight
Minimum 21 cm 14 cm 1 mm
Maximum Length = 1.52 m
Length + Girth = 2.74 m
30 kg

Canada Xpresspost International:

Canada Xpresspost International service provides fast delivery in more than 70 countries. You can ship your package fast at the best shipping prices, confirm delivery with a signature and get on-time delivery guarantees. It takes 4 to 7 days to deliver a parcel. You can get a shipping estimate by visiting Canada Post official website. Shipping Charges of a parcel depends on the size, weight, and destination you want to ship.

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If you want to send a large parcel to an international destination with cost-effective shipping, you can choose international parcel air. There is another option to send your parcel in the most economical way, you can try an international parcels surface.

International Parcel – Air:
Shipping distance International destinations
Projected arrival date (business days) 12+
International Parcel – Surface:
Shipping destination Europe Asia-Pacific and Australia Africa South America
Projected arrival date (months) 1–2 2–3 2–3 1–2

Express Post Delivery Standard:

Delivery standards are the no. of business days on which Canada Post is guaranteed to deliver a package on time but delivery can take place earlier. An overview of package delivery standard in the whole Canada country is shown in the chart below:

Delivery AreaXpresspost™
Major Urban Centres
Localnext day
Regionalnext day
National2 days
Non-Major Urban Centres
Localnext day
Regional2 days
National3 days
Northern Regions and Remote Centres
Local5 days
Regional5 days and up to 7 days
National5 days and up to 8 days


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