How Long Can Customs Hold My Package | Canada Post Parcel Held in Customs

Canada Post Corporation is the largest postal service in the whole Canada Country. It has covered a wide area internationally. Canada Post is delivering approx in 192 countries worldwide. When it comes to delivering a package outside the country, there is no other postal organization that has more options in shipping a package internationally. Canada Post is providing quick and budget-friendly services to its customers for outside delivery.

While sending packages outside the country, a package needs to be held for customs inspection. You need to complete all necessary paperwork or other processes to avoid late shipment. If a package held in customs, it’s not an easy task to clearing customs process. There are too many processes through which your package is going to be check, too many documentations are required to fulfill their requirements. It takes a long time and you never know when it will be delivered to the destination. But don’t worry we are here to give you the best possible options to avoid the customs hold.

Why does your parcel held by import customs?

While sending a parcel outside the country, it needs to go through the customs processes. If the parcel contains some prohibited things or the items which are risk to that country’s environment, are being held by import customs. So, beware of not sending such type items to other countries. If you still want to do that then, you have to show some government authorized documents for clearing customs. This is the reason why do customs hold packages.Held By Customs

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The time of package to clear customs may vary. What’s inside the package or what’s the volume of the package or required documentation, these are the things on which time of package to clear customs depends. Neither the Canada Post nor the receiving postal department of that country can interrupt the customs process or inquire about the status of the package. After clearing the customs, a package is handed for a delivery. But you can’t check the status of your package on domestic postal service portal. You need to visit that country’s postal website to know the status of the parcel.

What should you do after your item held by customs?

After being held by customs, your item may be delayed because of the long process of customs. They have to clarify everything carefully. They check every item of the package, its contents and value of items were declared correctly or not. You don’t need to stress too much. Your shipment will be delivered in the end.

There are many reasons why an item held in customs. What you should neheld in customsed to do is first make sure that your parcel held in customs. For that, you have to track your parcel on a regular basis until it reaches the destination. If you find out that your parcel is not moving forward for a long time, you must ask it about your nearest package delivery office. When you come to know that your parcel is being held by customs. You have to wait for some days or ready to give customs duty in case the item you have sent is inappropriate or violates the country’s law.

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Many countries forces to pay a certain amount of taxes. If these taxes are payable on your shipment, your package held up in customs until you pay that certain amount of tax. If you are using any postal services or any standard express shipper, you don’t need to think about the taxes. They will pay tax for you and charge you an administration fee for clearing customs holding package. Your item will not be delivered to the destination until you pay the customs charges.

For larger shipments, you can hire a customs broker who can clear your items through customs and pay your taxes. You can do it yourself but it will be better to hire a customs broker. This will not burn a hole in your pocket to hire a customs broker.

Always make sure,  there shouldn’t be any missing or incorrect paperwork for your shipment. Most of the time incorrect or missing paperwork is the main reason for hold by customs and delay in shipment. The requirement of documents depends on the size and value of your shipment. It is difficult to find out what is missing in the paperwork. If you are using express shipping service, they will help you to find out what is missing and will advise you the best. These were the things you can do after shipment held in customs.

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