Canada Post Shipping Rates | International Postage Rates

Canada Post Postal Service is shipping within Canada or around the globe. It has the most reliable service and pocket-friendly services as compared to other postal services. Approx 6200 post offices are spreading around the globe which are helping to make a more convenient service to its customers. Canada Post accessed almost all addresses till now. According to the customer’s feedback, the main cause of using Canada Post Service is, it has the cheapest postage fee which helps to make its services more reliable.

Canada Post Rates:

As we know, Canada Post provides many mailing services like Registered Mail, Priority Mail, Letter Mail, Express Post, etc. All these services are provided by Canada Post for domestic and internationally. Every postal service provider charges an amount for sending any parcel or letter mail to another destination but charges of sending any parcel or letter mail are not payable for everyone. So, Canada Post rates are very low as compared to other postal services providers. Postage fee

Canada Post Provides the fastest shipping speed with on-time delivery guarantees. It delivers domestic and other parts of the world, small and big cities, by surface and by air. It offers on-time delivery guarantees and signature options. Mainly, delivery depends on package size and package volume. If your package is heavy and big in size then it may affect your delivery timings. We will discuss Canada Post postage rates in the next paragraph.

Canada Post Shipping Estimate:

As we said above, every postal service Provider Charges a specific amount for delivering a package. Canada Post Provides its own post office shipping rates. All these Canada Post parcels rates are more pocket-friendly and very reliable for every customer. Most of the people are confused about which postal service provider they should choose for sending their parcel. We know that it is difficult. People want fast delivery at a reasonable cost. Canada Post fulfills all these conditions. People always have a query regarding Canada Post letter rates, Canada Post prices, Canada Post estimate, Canada Post shipping cost, what will be the Canada Post cost, etc. They don’t find a satisfying answer. To know the answer to the queries asked, they can see the table below:

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 Canada U.S.A.International
Projected arrival date2
(business days)
Within a city or town: 2 days
Within a province: 3 days
Across provinces: 4 days
4–6 days 4–7 days
Standard size mail – Letter envelopes and post cards
0–30 g
Up to 5 sheets of paper*
$1.05 for a single stamp or
$0.90/stamp in a booklet
Over 30 g up to 50 g
Up to 9 sheets of paper*
$1.27$1.90 $3.80
Oversize/Non-standard – Large documents and unusually shaped envelopes
Up to 100 g
Up to 20 sheets of paper*
Over 100 g up to 200 g
Up to 40 sheets of paper*
Over 200 g up to 300 g
Up to 60 sheets of paper*
Over 300 g up to 400 g
Up to 80 sheets of paper*
$4.98$10.90 $21.80
Over 400 g up to 500 g
Up to 100 sheets of paper*
$5.35 $10.90$21.80

Canada Post International Postage rates:

When it comes to shipping in U.S.A or worldwide, no other postal service provider has more options. While sending a parcel internationally through Canada Post, it gets easy access to customs forms. In case of customs hold, it is difficult to clear customs. So, always recheck your letter mail or package while sending it internationally. Some prohibited items can cause customs to hold. You can’t send any item which harms another country’s environment. When it comes to the Canada Post international rates and Canada Post letter rates you can see in the table mentioned above. There you will find international shipping time, standard mail and oversized mail prices. The maximum limit of an oversized letter mail is 500g. If your letter mail exceeds this limit then you will have to use Canada Post parcel services.

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